Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Inner peace

Carry your peace within. Peaceful surroundings mean nothing if you're in turmoil within. If you're peaceful within, your surroundings don't matter.

There are some people who seem to be calm and peaceful no matter what is going on around them. Yes, they may worry, but it isn't all-consuming. They carry an inner peace.

And there are other people who seem to get riled up at the slightest thing. There is no peace within them and they carry their anxiety into everything. You know who they are. No matter how serene the surroundings, how well things are going, they cannot settle and just enjoy, because they have no peace.

A peaceful heart can carry you through a lot.


  1. This page is gorgeous, and with all that amazing colour and texture, it should be as busy-feeling as all get out. However, that peaceful warrior woman sets the tone so beautifully it feels like a walk in a quiet park. Well done, Tracy!

  2. Tracy, this is beautiful...words and art!


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