Sunday, 12 November 2017

Setting things in motion

Setting things in motion.

There is an excitement in moving on to something new.

There is also a lot of hard work involved!

At the moment everything feels uphill - I'm making ever-growing lists of things that need to be done here in Australia and in the UK before and just after we move. Some days it feels a bit overwhelming.
Will it all be done in time? Will everything slip into place in the right order? How will we cope for eight weeks living out of a suitcase?

Of course, we've done it before, moving here from the UK just over eight years ago, but it is still daunting. (In some ways because we have done it before and know what to expect).

And once the uphill struggle is conquered, there is the 'out-of-control' ride to the bottom. There comes a point where the whole journey gains its own momentum and you just have to hold on until it's done.

But today I'll just keep pushing up that hill.

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