Sunday, 12 November 2017

The beating of wings

The beating of wings...

When a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis it is not immediately ready to fly. Its wings are crumpled and need to have blood (or haemolymph in this case) pumped through them to firm them up. There is a trying out of the wings before they are trusted to flight.

How often do we go through a transformation and immediately expect to do something different? But there is often a lag as the changes in that transformation are made 'user ready'. Don't be so desperate to take flight that you don't beat your wings a few times on the ground first to strengthen them. The flapping is necessary, like the flight check a pilot goes through before take off.

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  1. Gorgeous page yet again, Tracy, and I love your allusion to the butterfly. As I work towards a transition myself, this is a great reminder.


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