Thursday, 21 December 2017


When I stood back from this page I laughed.  I could see a snowfall and a very large sun. Not surprising that these things would be on my mind at the moment. We are heading into our last hot Christmas and looking forward to a cold one next year.

We've been in Australia for just over 8 years, but I still cannot get my head around Christmas in the summer. I'm not alone - lots of European migrants I know feel the same, and they've been here for much longer than I have. In the northern hemisphere, Christmas happens in the depths of winter. For the majority of the countries, most of the trees are bare. The days are short and cold. The symbolism of light and life coming into this dark and 'dead' time brings hope.

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  1. This page is just stunning, Tracy, and it makes me smile that you've incorporated your two worlds of Christmas on it. Wowza!!


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