Sunday, 17 December 2017

Wiped out!

It's the Christmas season and a time for socialising. Not fun for an intensely introverted person like me. I had to attend a BBQ on Saturday - there are some social events it is politic to go to, whether you want to or not - and an hour and a half in a large crowd wiped me out completely. I'm the sort of person who hits her limit at about 20 mins :)

So I'm pacing myself for the rest of the week so I'm not completely useless by the time Christmas actually arrives.

Are you a party animal or that person who sits on the stairs and reads a book until you can go home?


  1. I hear you Tracy! I'm exactly the same as you - though I like chatting and being friendly to people in short bursts, any lengthy social gathering drains me of all energy and the will to live! I'm definitely that person that sits on the stairs reading, waiting to go home. On the plus side, people like us never feel lonely or bored - we have ourselves to keep us company! ;)

  2. This was my mom's favourite saying, and it's a truism that never gets old. Love your page, and the reminder for introverts that the socializing won't last forever (thank goodness!!). ;-)


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