Sunday, 7 January 2018

Trying new stuff

Do you ever make art journal pages that get away from you?

This one was a screaming hot mess. It needed calming down. It needed a lot of black.

What better time to have a go at doing something in a different style? I had come across an illustration by Kareem Iliya done with watercolour and ink that intrigued me. There was little detail and big blocks of black, but the face could still be read. Could I achieve that?

Practicing my 'must be bolder' mission, I went straight in with waterproof ink. Once I was pleased with the placement of everything, I went over it with acrylic paint. It calmed the page and I'm pleased with the result and would definitely try something in this style again.

How do you calm down your pages when they start screaming?

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  1. I have used white to calm a page, although you know I'm not much for subtle colour. :D Love your result here, Tracy!!


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