Friday, 8 June 2018

Cracked ribs

Sometimes to fix a heart you have to crack a few ribs. When your heart is broken, bleeding, calloused, malfunctioning or the like, it needs operating on. Breaking open your ribcage -whether physically or metaphorically - might feel a bit extreme, but not doing it is worse. Having your heart put right is painful but necessary.

These 'ribs' turned up on my page out of the blue. I'd made a few marks with a red neocolor II but they were a bit dark. When I went over them with some acrylic paint I joined them together. Then all I could see was ribs (even though my daughter commented that my page had a petticoat). So why were there ribs on my page? What was it all about? Ribs protect the heart, so I added a heart and then contemplated it all for a while.

The ribs are lying down, which made me think they were either lying in a desert, long dead, or lying on a bed or table. As they were red rather than white, it suggested living ribs to me - hey, it's how my brain works :) From there my thoughts went to open heart surgery. But of course, you can work on the heart in a spiritual as well as a physical way. Sometimes having our heart set right spiritually can be just as intrusive and uncomfortable as actual surgery.

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  1. I loved reading your thought process as you worked on this page, Tracy, and the outcome is terrific in every way.


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