Friday, 28 June 2013

Joining the dots

A little while ago I joined in the Happy Mail Swap on Artists in Blogland. About a week ago I received a lovely parcel of bits and pieces from Katie Romo. The background for this page contains lots of fragments from that package. 

I found myself drawn to circles again - it just sort of happens :) This led to thinking about joining the dots. How do I join the dots in my life, the different things that I do? How do they fit together as a whole? How can I be everything I'm supposed to be and use all the gifts and skills I've been given to the best end?

Still pondering...


  1. Such a lovely thoughtful piece. As is your post, it does make you wonder, doesn't it, how this creative proces can bring along such thoughts and insights.

  2. Wonderful insights! Sometimes the creative process is exactly like connecting the dots. You have no idea how random actions are connected until you join one dot and everything falls into place.

  3. Hi Tracy, this is very different art journal page I saw with circles and dots, nice!

  4. I'm drawn to those circles and dots too! Great page.


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