Monday, 17 June 2013

Journal Fodder 365 - Prompt #4

One month in - prompt #4 is 'Personal Mythologies'

The idea is to think about what stories you tell yourself again and again, whether true or not. The self-talk that we all have going on in our head. 

After I'd thought about this for a while I found myself thinking about a lie I believed about myself for a long time - I always felt that I was anti-social until I read a book about introverts. Now I know that it isn't that I'm anti-social, just that socialising is a draining activity for me. As a child I always felt different because I didn't like parties. In fact, when I was made to go to parties I would sit on the stairs and read a book while the other children played party games. 

Now I know more about my temperament I can uproot what grew from those lies. New growth is coming from the truth.

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  1. What a wonderful artwork, Tracy! I think the colours you have chosen apply very well for your personal theme. Lilac is often described as a "distant colour". For me, the perfect colour for an introverted person.
    I am glad you've found out the difference between being introverted and antisocial for yourself!
    And your very personal statement (which is very courageous) is once more a reason for me, to remind me to order this book. ;-) It's already on my wish-list.


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