Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bookbinding without stitching

I thought today I'd share a new technique I learned for making a book swiftly and without stitching. It's called crown binding and I found out about it in 100+ Bindings by Alisa Golden. 
I'm aware there are a lot of photos here but I wanted to catalogue each step.

First of all, cut a piece of thick paper or thin card 20cm x 19cm. Orient it so that that the width is 20cm.

Fold it in half and open out again.

Fold in the edges to the centre fold and open out again.

Fold each section in half again so that you have an accordion with eight sections.

Fold the accordion up and fold the corners of the single layer on the top down to the fold to make triangles.

Open out the first layer and fold the next double layer down at the ends to make triangles. Fold them back the other way as well. 

Do the same for each layer and then open out. There will be triangles of folds top and bottom.

  Push each of the triangles back so that it folds down away from you. Do the same top and bottom.

Fold the whole piece back into the accordion.

Open out the first 'page' and fold in the top and bottom triangles.

Turn the page and fold in the triangles top and bottom. Repeat for each page.

Now you have a spine for the book. 

To place the pages (they need to be 13.8cm x twice the width of page you require), open the first section of the spine and open out the triangles. Align the fold in the page with the fold in the spine. 

Fold the triangles back down to hold the page in place. Do the same for each of the pages. This number of folds in the accordion will hold four folded pages. 

And there is your finished book!


  1. Well, isn't this clever?!! It will be on my Things to Do on My Summer Vacation list! Thank you!

  2. Cool tutorial...I'm not one for stitching and this is the perfect alternative! Thanks for sharing all the steps...pinning!


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I will try it out.

  4. This looks good! Thanks for sharing! Valerie


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