Thursday, 28 August 2014

Finding bricks

The herringbone stencil I used on this page reminded me of bricks, which set me thinking about building.

All across England there are buildings and walls built out of the local stone. In Sussex there is a lot of flint used. In some places sandstone is the preferred material, and you can see the weathering on the older buildings where that soft stone is being worn away. Further north you start to see drystone walls. Things are built from what is available locally.

Moving from one church to another, I'm starting to think about what will change and how the 'materials' will be different. I'll still be building the same wall, but it will look different because the bricks will be made of different stuff.

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  1. This is a stunning page, Tracy. I love your herringbone bricks and scalloped border and the colour palette is wonderful. I hope it all goes well with your new 'bricks' in your new church, that you get to know them quickly, and that God will bless you and your family.


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