Monday, 1 September 2014

A little catch up

This weekend I finished off a few pages that had been sitting around for a while, just jotting down a few thoughts as I was inspired.

The dahlia on the left is part of a paper that Becky Wentworth sent to me in a swap. The purple went well with what was already on the page and the flower made me think of spring.We've had some lovely warm days in the last week, giving us a taste of spring. Temperatures have dropped again today and are supposed to stay that way for this week, but the taste of sunshine was lovely.

At the moment we are enjoying three weeks of annual leave between posts, resting, sorting, preparing for our move. I've even had a new haircut, which for me is a big thing :)

The arrows on this page gave it a natural focal point. As my thoughts are all on moving at the moment, what better to put there than a house? It brought the phrase 'zeroing in' to mind. As an introvert, it takes me a while to process things and get ready for change. I feel I'm ready for our move now.

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  1. Yes Spring is here too! Just after I bought lots of winter (next size up) clothes.... but still rather the blue skies...when they come back. Today is dreary again. Your work isn't dreary is beautiful, My favourite is the second, but i love them all.


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