Thursday, 15 December 2011

How's your quiet time?

For years I found it difficult to have a regular quiet time for Bible study and prayer. I felt like a failure; like I wasn't fully committed to my faith. Then I listened to a CD which suggested something really simple. So simple that I wondered why I hadn't thought of it. Link your quiet time to something you enjoy.

Think about it for a moment.

What do you do most days that you can link your quiet time to? It might be something as simple as reading your Bible when you have your morning coffee.

This simple idea made me wonder why, when I did actually have a quiet time, I wrote straight across the page in black biro. I am an artist, for goodness' sake! Where was the colour? Where were the pictures?

And so started my venture into art journalling. As I became more adventurous so my pages developed. Now I have several journals on the go - my Bible study journal that I use virtually every day to record insights from my Bible study and prayers inspired by this; a travel version of this which has decorated pages so I can just add a simple, pithy insight; a journal to keep a record of what the Lord has said to me either directly, or through others; and countless altered books that are in various stages where I can work freely and see what comes to the surface.

I am now at the stage where, if I don't go into my art room and spend some quiet time with God, I feel something is missing from my day. I can't wait to get in there in the morning and stamp, paint, stick, and write. I hope that you, too, may find a creative way to engage with God and go deeper with Him.

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