Friday, 16 December 2011

Quiet, Still, Resting

There are times in our lives where we are eager to get on with what we feel the Lord has asked us to do. Times when we just can't wait to get going. But our timing isn't always in line with God's timing. I have had to learn to wait. To rest in His presence. To realise the value in just being with God rather than doing things for Him. I was pondering this at a time when I was desperate to be doing something but God was asking me to wait. The pondering became a poem. I hope it might touch your heart.

I am eager to be moving
but You ask me to be still.
I want to climb a mountain
You bring me to a hill.
I want to soar like eagles
You say I need to rest.
You want me to regain my strength
I want to fly the nest.
You, O Lord, are wisdom
I am merely dust.
You know the perfect thing for me
I need to grow in trust.
So I will sit here, quietly,
and drink of You my fill.
Cause me to grow peaceful
as I wait upon Your will.

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