Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bespoke books

I love to make bespoke books. I started out with notebooks and journals. But my passion outgrew them quite quickly. So I moved on to the real deal - writing the story, making the book, illustrating it  myself. One-off books.

It has always been the habit in our house to tell stories. At first we were telling stories to our daughter at bedtime. Then one Christmas I decided to make a book for her on one of her favourite characters. When she opened it on Christmas morning she took one look and asked for another one for her birthday. I've been writing and making bespoke books ever since.

Now she is twelve and has started to write her own stories. It was only a matter of time before she asked me to make one of her stories into a book. I haven't started it yet as I am still working on one of my own, but I look forward to being able to present her with her own story in a single edition.

Here are a few bits and pieces of earlier books:

This book has a silver ribbon closure

a photocopy transfer of my own photo that I was really pleased with

a double-page spread

You can't really see it here but this dragon has embossed scales

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