Sunday, 18 March 2012

A godly woman

For a long time now I have been wrestling with what it means to be a godly woman. It is a process of transformation. Not something that can be achieved overnight but a lifelong journey.

When I did the background for this journal page it reminded me of marble. Having been learning about rocks with my daughter recently, I know that marble is a metamorphic rock. It is what happens when limestone has heat and pressure applied to it. It turns from a rather ordinary type of stone to something beautiful.

This is very much what becoming a godly woman is like. Life applies heat and pressure and gradually we learn, through the grace of God, to cope. We become transformed from soft, crumbling limestone to beautiful marble.

This is the poem I wrote about godly women:

A godly woman
keeps a rein on her mouth
knowing it to be - bar none -
her most powerful weapon.

A godly woman
fears the Lord
and knows it to be
her fount of wisdom.

A godly woman
produces fruit in keeping with righteousness
and knows it will feed
her neighbour.

A godly woman
listens with her heart
and knows that sometimes
silence is all she needs to bring.

A godly woman
has a teachable spirit
she knows she is clay
in the hands of a holy God.

A godly woman
I wish I were
- but know I'm not.


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