Saturday, 10 March 2012

Time flies

Wow, realised I haven't done anything on here all week. This week seems to have flown by and my creative output has consisted of making Haman's hats (a biscuit that is made to celebrate the Jewish Purim, from the book of Esther), profiteroles (just because I can) and wrestling with a story that has all the right elements but seems to be occurring in the wrong order.

Only managed two journal pages:

imagine this as less pink and more orange

The first one is about abiding in God. Abiding is more than just living somewhere. It is about being rooted and drawing sustenance. Without the roots the tree does not grow. If we keep our roots in God we will flourish.

The second one has a kirigami heart that my daughter made. I was thinking about how taking up your cross means more than just bearing things that are difficult. If you saw anyone walking through the Roman Empire carrying a cross you knew exactly where they were heading - to death. When we take up our crosses we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, dying to ourselves and taking on the new life that He gifts us with. Our cross is seen in the state of the heart. Am I following Jesus in my heart? Am I carrying the cross in a way that can be seen in my life?

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