Saturday, 21 July 2012

Busy, busy busy!

I haven't finished any new journal pages in the last few days. I finished my last journal and have been prepping a new one.

Along with writing the programme for a women's retreat and doing all the preparations that go with it, filling in my report for my homeschooling inspection, tracking down books for the next academic year, and writing a story for a competition, I have been answering questions for Liz Powley  for her Inspired People series. Look out for it in the next few weeks. And check out Liz's bubble-paintings, they're fabulous. So much fun and exceedingly messy. What's not to like? :)

I hope to get some more journalling done in the next few days - the pages are primed and ready. Just need five minutes to scribble on them now...


  1. I read your featured artist interview - thank you for sharing. I love to hear people's stories, creative stories, or faith walk. I love that you shared a bit about how those 2 journeys intertwine.

  2. Hi Gina.

    Thank you. For me my faith and creativity are inseparable.


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