Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Deep in the earth...

Had such trouble photographing these pages - the black really reflects the light even when you turn off the flash. Never mind...

I came to this page with a black background and groaned. I've done a few with black backgrounds lately - must have gone a bit mad when I was prepping the latest batch of books. I liked the golden yellow surround which reminded me of a sunny day. That got me thinking about the warmth of the sun working on the earth and seeds preparing to sprout up. I've been out working in the garden, so perhaps that's why my mind went in that direction.

Anyway, I thought of seeds sprouting in the dark while aiming to reach the sunlight. Much like when something new starts in our lives. At first it is all dark and quiet. The seed sits there while you ponder and prepare. Then the first root and shoot sprout. Everything is still dark, but you have some idea of what direction you need to push in. A bit more growth and you break through into the sunlight and can really get going.

What is sprouting up  in your life at the moment?

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