Friday, 27 July 2012

Know when you are finished

Sometimes I look at a page I have been working on and know that it needs some words on it. This time I was staring at this and thinking it's done. There's nothing else I feel I need to add.

How many times do we continue with something even when we have gone beyond the end of it?

There is a need to know when something is done. When it has come to the end of its life. I know that often in churches programmes go on even though they are no longer effective. Sometimes it is because so-and-so needs to feel that their gifts are being used, or 'if we stop this there will be nothing for such-and-such a group of people to do.' Or even 'we've always done this. It's tradition.' Are those good reasons to keep on with something that has so obviously done its time and is now finished?

Yes, it can be scary looking at doing a new thing - you don't know how well it will work, if at all. You don't know if anyone will support it. But that is no reason to keep on with something that is over and done.

We need to learn to end things well.

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