Monday, 17 September 2012

A work progresses

 I thought it would be fun to see how my pages progress. Sometimes when I'm finished I can't remember all the layers that went in, so here is one photographed along the way.

I started out with a page covered with brown paper tape - the sort you use to stretch watercolour paper. On top of this I applied some gesso with a plastic card.

A layer of acrylic paint was applied with a baby wipe. 

Collage on a few pieces of paper and tape. 

Add some more paint.

The bit you can't see is that this is the stage where I decided what the page was going to be about. In this case it is a quote by Helen Keller based around a heart, so I put one on the page.

The quote was then stamped on with two different sets of alphabet stamps, edged, and coloured in.

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.      Helen Keller

A few small hearts were stamped on.

I placed a few winding leaves to fill in what felt like empty and unfinished space with a Copic marker. 

So there you have it - journal page from start to finish.

What's your process?


  1. My process is still evolving but what has been consistent is that I have an area where I leave my journal open...I prep the page with gesso...and leave it...then as I am inspired I go back, sit down...add what is on my mind...and then leave it to let the next possibility 'marinate'. I started a new two page spread last night...should have taken photos of the process...what a great idea. My process takes about a week to complete the spread ;)

  2. I liked seeing your process. It makes me kind of analyze how I do things. I am not sure even I understand it! Thanks for making me think about it. When I figure it out I will let you know! LOL

  3. Oh my goodness, I love seeing your process! Your journal page is wonderful. I do love that quote...but your comment to me is even more special. Thank you so very much for leaving a kind comment and offering up a prayer for healing. I do appreciate it. Kathy

  4. Hi Tracey loved to see the step by step
    process here.Even I've the same problem I always forget to take pictures of the making of my art:)
    Love the quote you've added here.
    Thank you for visiting Ariel. If I don't get my daily morning writing and creative time my day never feels the same.

  5. Thanks for sharing your process, your page is lovely! I"m not sure what my process is, I do know it's slow and that frustrates me often. I need to come to terms with letting my work "marinate" and my process. I have 4 different art journals in progress and two other "out of the journal" projects because I love to create and hate waiting for the next layer or bit to come to me on a page so I start a new one. I need to take pics of each step as you did. Thanks for making me think about it.

    1. Like you I always have more than one journal on the go. There's nothing worse than adding a layer and having to wait for it to dry before you can carry on. Sometimes it can take days to know what the right words are to add, too.

  6. Interesting, and very helpful for newbie journalists to see different ways in which to start and assemble an art page. Thanks!


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