Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Back out in the garden again this week. All the rain we have had over the winter combined with a plague of hairy caterpillars has meant that the weeds have got out of hand! I've filled up our green bin with long grass and weeds pulled from between the vegetables, most of which have just about held their own against the insect invasion. It's jolly annoying how the things that I want to eat from the garden are the same ones that the insects love to eat as well. There are so many weeds out there that they could munch on but no, they have to eat the artichokes and spinach.

Anyway, all this weeding made me think about how vigilant we have to be. The weeding really needs to be done little and often to keep on top of it, much like keeping bad habits out of our lives. If I want to see obedience, fruitfulness, and righteousness in my life I have to not let them be choked out by anxiety, stress, covetousness etc. Each and every day I need to sit before God and ask Him to root out the bad stuff and nurture the good stuff. It's easier to do bit by bit than have the radical ripping out of 5ft high weeds.

Where does your life need weeding?

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  1. lovely pages and an equally lovely well said post.Thank you for sharing!


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