Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Learning Lettering

Warning! Photo heavy post!

I've always admired beautiful lettering - the skill of Mary Brack, Miriam Schulman, and of course, Joanne Sharpe - and have spent time trying to emulate them. Last month I bought Joanne Sharpe's book (I had to order it in from the states as it doesn't make it to Australia until May!) and am working through the exercises in a random fashion. Here are some of my lettering adventures:

This is a spread in my Bible study journal done after having a go at some of the exercises. Quite often I don't manage to arrange the words very well, but this time I'm pleased with how they came out, stacked neatly on one another. 

Stacked letters.

The 'little black dress' outline.

Practicing in white on black. I enjoyed using the black lines to guide the size of the letters.

My first go - a few alphabets with different pens just to loosen up.

The 'playing' at the bottom is done using a dropper - there isn't much control which helps me to let go of perfection. The 'play' above was done with a paintbrush and then outlined with thick and thin markers to give a shadow.

Whoops! A bit blurry, but you get the idea.

I already used the little black dress outline quite a lot, but I really like the reverse one with a colour outline. Must use that more :)

What new skill are you working on?


  1. Ooh, you've inspired me Tracy! I often teach my students to journal whilst scrapbooking, I'm now thinking I must practice what I teach and use my own in my journaling...

  2. Your lettering looks great! I'm in awe at the variety of styles you are mastering! Thanks for the mention. It blows me away to be grouped together with such talented artists like Joanne and Miriam. Thank you, Tracy!

    1. I've always loved your lettering, Mary. It's always so neat and beautiful :)

  3. Your lettering is gorgeous.Wonderful work!

  4. This has inspired me so much that I've ordered the book! It doesn't come out till Friday here in the UK so its on preorder, can't wait to get started on it :)


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