Thursday, 10 April 2014

One Little Word - Dream

There are two words for One Little Word this month - and four prizes! Go take a look at the wonderful works created around the words 'calm' and 'dream' and add your own here. You have until the 14th April to enter.

This is my entry for 'dream' - my dream of a studio to teach in and hold retreats. It's still just in my head at the moment, but one day…

See my entry for 'calm' here along with a time-lapse video of how it was made.


  1. This is just so effective. I love how the dream is the same sort of backround as the face. Really like the eyes and how you've got those numbers almost like a tear falling from one of them.

  2. Love this page. I like how it really says a lot, about dreaming and how time passes. Or at least how that's I interprete it.

  3. Tracey, what a great page. You keep dreaming and I'm sure it will come true for you. Thanks for visiting my page. I've just subscribed to yours :)!

  4. I love your creative and wonderful page! It is amazing and totally represents dreaming beautifully!

  5. Awesome! The black makes the greens pop even more! Thank you for playing along!


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