Wednesday, 30 July 2014

2 finished pages

So, in the last post I was waiting for words for these two pages. The one above was sitting open on my table and I walked in to the room, saw it, and suddenly knew what I wanted to write. I suddenly saw connections between the circles and there it was.

I thought about how, whenever we've moved house before, it has meant a move to a new city - and last time to the other side of the world - and so a whole round of making new friends. This time we're only moving to the other side of the city. I am so grateful that, although we will be making new connections in our new church, we'll still be able to keep up with our friends easily.

The words for this page came when I became frustrated at the disorganisation of a certain institution. What seems like common sense to me obviously isn't. The page was very busy and seemed to be a bit disorganised. It fit perfectly with what I was feeling.

And a gelli-print I was particularly pleased with, made using large bubble-wrap.


  1. I like both of your journal pages, but the second one is my favorite. I love the color combination. It is a busy page, but all the texture you have created is worth it. The gelli-print is a WOW! Beautiful!

  2. Wow lovely pages, Tracy and love how you presented the quote with journal page spread


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