Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Art Journal Courage

Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakley has finally arrived here in Australia! I really enjoyed her last book - Art Journal Freedom - and found it really useful for ways to use new colour combinations, working out what's wrong with the page, making focal points, and so on. This new book looks at some of the common fears when journalling - not liking your handwriting, 'I can't draw', problems with layering etc.

I don't often draw in my journal. This isn't because I don't feel that I can draw - I believe everyone can draw, but we don't always like what we produce when we compare ourselves with others. If I do draw, it tends to be flowers or faces for some reason. This page is one of the exercises where you trace something to help to train your hand. This is from a photo in a magazine and the image is transferred using carbon paper. I'm sure I shall do some more pages with this technique to train myself in facial proportions. The cross-hatching I added afterwards.

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  1. Amazing artwork with wonderful drawing and colours

    Love Chrissie xx


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