Saturday, 18 April 2015

The light within

This page started out with a background I really liked - the way the shapes and colours were blending I was really happy with. And I felt drawn to drawing a large face, so pulled out some magazines to find something to guide me. I was uncertain in drawing a profile, so I tried the trick of using my non-dominant hand and a permanent pen. I find that it seems to turn my critical brain off - it's as if putting the pen in my left hand means that I don't expect to produce anything that looks like anything, and the pressure is then off.

So with pen in (non-dominant) hand I drew the face. And I was pleased with it. The lower level of co-ordination I have with my left hand means that I just do line drawings, no attempt at shading - although perhaps some day I should try that as well - and somehow that makes the lines more sure.

Anyway, there was the face in the middle of the page, and I liked the face and I liked the background. But I needed to make the face stand out more. I was going to have to sacrifice the background. Now, I find it hard to cover up parts of a page that I like, but sometimes you just have to give it a go. So I took the plunge and wielded a paintbrush to cover up my lovely circles.

And I learned that sometimes we have to sacrifice the good to get to the best. Once the bits of background were covered, the face looked strong and glowing. Which led me to the words - let the light within you shine. 

And the way to shine is to be the best me I can be. Letting go of some of the things which might be good, to make sure I say yes to the best. 

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  1. i like the combination of writing (in her hair) and on the left side of the page and i love those patterns in her face. xx

  2. Such a strong, lovely face! Great message as well.

  3. Lovely piece! Congrats on being featured in PPF :)

  4. Really great tips for letting go of fear in drawing, with a beautiful end result.


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