Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lost for words

I find at the moment that there are lots of colours, patterns, and layers in me, but not many words. My pages are different. My usual 'headline and thoughts' format has all but disappeared. So I continue to put down the colour and just scribble a few words as they occur to me. I guess it's just a different season.


  1. I feel your loss.... I'm going through the same thing only it's every time I open any one of my journals. I'm drawing a blank and just can't find my inner (or outer for that matter) creativity or inspiration to put so much as a dot or a line on the page. I hope you find your words. BTW, even without the words your journal spread is awesome. I especially love your color palette. (And all the circles, love me some circles) (((HUGS)))

  2. Sometimes there aren't words to express what's going on inside of us and it all comes out in different ways. Your spread shows wonderful richness in pattern, colour, creativity - love it - and it all expresses something beautiful and deep going on inside you :)


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