Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dream bigger!

A lot of my pages just recently have not turned out as I would have liked, but this one I am happy with. I particularly like the flowers and the tag.

Dreaming is easy. Keeping the dream big is the hardest part for me. I tend to downsize to what might be possible - one small step further than I am at today. It is easy to forget that God is in the equation, and His dreams for me are much bigger than my own. He is able. I need to remember to dream bigger.

This page started with a few bits of collage covered with a layer of gesso on black paper. The pink and yellow paint is Golden high flow acrylic - I treated myself to a starter pack. The flowers were built up using the tip of brush-tipped Sharpies.

At first, when I stamped on the black circles, I thought this might end up being a monochrome page, but then the flowers sprang up and the page took off.

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  1. What a great page, and even greater sentiment Tracy...dream bigger indeed!


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