Sunday, 23 August 2015

Feeling the distance

Most of the time, living on the opposite side of the world from your extended family is fine. After all, in this world of instant communication, Skype, Face Time, etc, it is easy to 'see' each other and keep in touch. However, when something sudden happens and you can't just drop everything and be there, you really feel the distance.

This week I've been feeling the distance in another way, too. Even if physical distance is not a factor, when someone is in pain, there is a distance between you that cannot be bridged. You cannot do anything to take away the pain. You can only offer a listening ear, a hand, a hug.

Thankfully, that is often enough.

Knowing that you have been heard; that you are not alone; that your pain is recognised, somehow lessens it.


  1. I resonate with how you are felling, Tracy. Love the fell of this page!

  2. A brilliant journal page...and well spoken insights. (I miss my grandchildren in another state)...thank goodness for art expression! lovely work...


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