Thursday, 13 August 2015

Ready for spring!

I am so over this rain! Open fires are all very nice, but it's so wet outside the lawn is like a swamp.


  1. I like this page...the colors, the underlying ephemera, the stencil (I'm guessing the circular areas are a stencil) just all goes together so perfectly.

    Isn't it strange how one part of the world can be getting too much rain and another (where I live) barely has any. I hope you get some spring-like weather.

  2. I so much like the colours on this page...I'm with Janet - we're so hot and dry here that the hills around us are on fire, literally. It's lovely to know there is rain in your part of the world. Can we share and blend our weathers please?!

  3. Great colors! We are finishing up summer here. Hot and humid with some much needed rain.


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