Friday, 4 September 2015

Building up layers

I always find it fascinating how different papers react to paints. This photo paper is glossy. Spray paints worked surprisingly well on it. Sometimes they wipe off if you use wet media on top of them, but not in this case.

I sprayed through a stencil in a couple of colours for the base layer. Once they were dry, I squirted a blob of acrylic paint on to the page and smeared it all over with a baby-wipe. Then I used the stencil again, but this time removing paint through it using the wipe.

This process was repeated several times, first with yellow, then green, then blue acrylic paint. At the end I removed the paint from on top of the red spray paint in the bottom right corner to bring back the colour which had been dulled. I like the interplay between the different colours where the spray ink stays put and the acrylic is removed.


  1. Love that bottom right red area particularly Tracy - it just sings with all those layers of colour in it, and the contrast between that and the green area is fabulous!

  2. At first glance I only saw the pattern but as i continued to look I could see the depth of the layers. Inspiring process. This is my first time stopping by, I shall be back!


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