Sunday, 13 September 2015

Having fun

This is the first page I've done (although not the first in the book) in an old cookery book picked up for $2 at the library. I like it because it doesn't have glossy pages, although the pages are nice and thick. I find the ones with glossy pages end up sticking together once they're painted. Not good!

The words I picked out and boxed read 'Imagine. Grow. Keep tender. Thrive. You can improve.' Of course, they were the first things I picked out on the page, and as they were printed in white, the other things I did to the page obscured them a little and I had to give them a hand with a white pen. 

The heart is a transfer done using sticky-backed plastic - the sort you use to cover books. I found it worked fantastically well, leaving just the illustration and no fluffy bits of paper persisting. It worked so well that I did a few more as well, so watch out for those on forthcoming pages :)

And I'm having a spring clean around the place, too. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm cleaning, per se, but definitely throwing things out and rearranging the furniture. I found these canvases so decided to work a series. The system I'm using is to do the 'same but different' to each canvas. i.e. each one was painted black to start. Then I pasted on some book paper, gelli-printed, and used the same stencil with white paint for each etc. They aren't finished yet.

And because I took out the gelli-plate, of course more prints were made. I particularly like using spray paints on it at the moment. A small dot of acrylic and a complementary spray ink brayered together. I like the way it beads up and makes a great texture.

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