Thursday, 10 September 2015

Soaring and resting

This page was just pootling along, not particularly going anywhere, until I outlined some shapes that were left when I cleaned off a stencil. They immediately suggested birds to me.

These birds were all sitting, and it set me thinking. Birds are able to soar, but just because they are able, doesn't mean that they do that all the time. They take times of rest so that they are able to soar when they need to.

This year, when I have the word 'flourish' as my word of the year, is turning into a time of rest. How do you flourish when you are resting? It depends on how you interpret the word. Flourishing in winter looks very different from flourishing in summer.

I am learning to flourish when things are quiet; when I am looking for direction; when I am called to take only tiny steps.


  1. I love the birds and the message behind it, it is so difficult to find the right balance, because indeed resting is as important as being busy.

  2. Love the doodled birds over the stenciled background!

  3. Beautiful! I love the birds and how they fit so nicely with the background. I couldn't agree more with the sentiment as well :)


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