Thursday, 19 November 2015


There are some things that are quintessentially summery. A tomato is one of them. We have beautiful Roma tomatoes in the shops at the moment - those are fresh plum tomatoes. In a few weeks there will be tomatoes of many shapes and colours available. Tomato salad will become an exciting and colourful meal. 

I'm working in an old cookbook at the moment - a cheap one from the library. I couldn't bring myself to cover up the tomato when I did the background, and when it sat there on the page, the only thing I wanted to add was the word 'summer'. So I did. After all, it's my art journal and anything goes :)


  1. Love this page, Tracy - my husband is a fanatic tomato grower, and this is a reminder of warm sunny days (now some months away) and fresh tasty produce. Thank you!

  2. FANTASTIC! Asthe days get colder this is what I needed! Beautiful


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