Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The flowers still grow

As a clergy wife there are a lot of emotional things that you have to hold loosely because they are not your stories, but the emotion involved still affects you. I find journalling helps me with this. This last week has been a hard one, including some personal stuff and some congregational stuff.

I find myself thinking about events - surgery for cancer with unexpected anaesthetic side effects; a father suddenly rushed into hospital with an infection; unplanned car repairs; a sudden death away from home and the planning of the funeral; an expected death and another funeral to be planned; waiting to hear about a job; visitors staying for a month; creative preparations for Christmas; a couple of people coping with spouses with Alzheimer's; a couple of birthdays.

And the over-riding thought?

Life goes on.

Amidst the unexpected, the loss, the grief, the worry, birthdays still happen, and the flowers still grow.


  1. Yes, so true, life goes on. Though for people personally and closely affected by tragedies, life may never be the same again. Another very deep and thought-provoking page, Tracy.

  2. Lovely, lovely post. Yes, the flowers still grow, regardless. Thanks for the reminder - it's great to recall that when all is darkish in our world, there is still a spot where colour blooms.

  3. Yes life always goes on and we look back and wonder how we got through all the stuff. Bless you, Tracy, I hope things get a little easier. Wonderful page, its so good to journal.


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