Thursday, 3 March 2016

Looking for a way through

This page started with a layer of gelli-printed labels. They add a quick layer of colour and texture. I added in more colour with a colour shaper - like a paintbrush but where the bristles would be is a piece of solid rubber. It gave the page a grungy look that I liked. The lines were added with the edge of a plastic card. A few splashes of white ink added to the whole look.

I liked the page - the colours, shapes, texture - but what were the words to go with it?

As I contemplated, I saw that the page was 'noisy' but there was a quiet place off to the right - a way through the noise that seems to be clouding my thoughts .


  1. I like it either way.
    The best thing about this work was, at its beginning, where you placed each painted element. I've seen much less attractive work at a gallery, for sale for literally hundreds.
    You've got an eye for color as well. Caught sight of this in Dashboard. Glad I took a closer look.

  2. I like it - great colours in it!
    -- to play with gelli printed stickers is always so fun... you inspired me to make some prints on stickers again!
    Happy weekend!

  3. A superb abstract piece, Tracy! Love the texture of the labels showing in the background.


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