Sunday, 15 May 2016


How often do you listen to opinions that don't really matter?

How often do you take on things that other people - people who shouldn't hold any sway with you - say about you?

Why do you care about what the woman at the school gates whispers to her friend before they both look at you and smother a laugh?

We shouldn't, but we do.

In my latest spread in the 'From brain to veins' journal, I remind myself that there are very few opinions that should really matter to me. In reality, the only opinions of me that matter are those of God, my husband, and my daughter. The opinions of others don't affect me unless I let them.

Why should I care if so-and-so doesn't like me? If I can stand with a clear conscience before God, my husband, and my daughter, that is enough.

But I need to be reminded of that when my skin becomes a little thin.

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