Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Sometimes you just have to do something that is bigger than yourself. In our independent, self(ie)-obsessed world it is seen as normal to 'look out for number one.' But God calls us to something different.

I've been reading Philippians this week. In chapter 2 we are called to do things out of humility, not rivalry or conceit. We are called to 'look not only to your own interests but also to the interests of others.'

When we look outside of ourselves and choose deliberately to serve the interests of others, everyone benefits. If we are all so busy looking to serve one another, we stop comparing ourselves and trying to prove ourselves. It becomes about the other person, wanting the best for them.

There is a reason that service feels good. It's what we are made for.

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  1. i love this piece. The colors. The composition. the message. it's lvely to look at and to reflect upon.


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