Sunday, 24 July 2016


You never know how far the ripples are going to go when you throw a stone into the pond. And when they hit something - a rock, the bank - they bounce off in another direction, sometimes cancelling each other out and sometimes joining together and increasing the amplitude.

Everything we do and everything we say sends out ripples. Some of them die away harmlessly, hitting nothing on their outward journey. But some things impact on other people as they ripple outwards.

Sometimes this can be positive - two sets of ripples cancelling each other out in a moment of reconciliation; ripples joining together, increasing amplitude for a shared good cause.

But sometimes those ripples have a negative effect - the joining of ripples in the escalation of an argument; opposite ripples causing flat water in the death of a relationship.

So make sure that the stones you throw into the pond are carefully placed.


  1. Very inspiring thoughts! All our actions have consequences, and not always positive. Love your visual representation of the concept!

  2. Love this post, Tracy, and I agree with Zsuzsa...inspiring. Conscious attention to what we say and do 'should be' a part of our lives in every moment...the ripples can go on forever.


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