Friday, 8 July 2016

Working BIG

So, last Friday I posted about working small - ATCs which are only 3.5 x 2.5 inches. This week I've been working on a piece to go on the chimney breast in my studio. This is not small. This is LARGE. Roughly 2.5 x 3 ft. So I've stretched my comfort zone in both directions in the last week.

As we live in a rectory which comes with my husband's job, I decided to do the piece on a sheet of paper rather than straight on to the wall. I lopped some off a roll I have and started with my usual mish-mash of collaged down bits and pieces from old books, bits of gelli-print etc. This was covered with a layer of gesso and then the fun with paint, stencils, etc. began.

I discovered that there are just as many ways that working larger than normal is as uncomfortable as working smaller. You just get so used to a particular size when you mainly journal. I had to use larger brushes for a start. There's no being delicate with a large piece like this when it comes to background. Even doing the shading on the face meant I had to be a lot bolder with the amount of colour I was putting down.

It was fun to try something different.

I'll be linking up with Paint Party Friday, looking forward to seeing all the colourful loveliness that's been happening this week around the globe.


  1. Fantastic work. I prefer working large to small as I don't see well. Wonderful colours. Happy PPF hugs, Valerie

  2. this is fantastic - I absolutely love the colours and the fabulous textures you've created. I'd love to see this up on your studio wall when you get it hung just to see it in context.
    I know what you mean about having to adapt to size - often the same technique I use on a smaller canvas just won't work on a larger one and vice versa - I guess that's part of the fun of creating and finding ways to make it work!

  3. She has some gorgeous texture and color. Those blue eyes are fantastic. They are full of life. I always find a little discomfort, but good discomfort , changing sizes and media. It think stretching our brain and creatively has lots of positive effects. Even if it's a little weird at first. Happy weekend. :) Erika

  4. Lovely piece of work! Love the colours and texture. Great stuff :D

  5. Beautiful piece, love the colours and all the details from the collage background.

  6. Gorgeous art work ~ creative, colorful and divine!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  7. Beautiful girl!! Love the colors and texture. EVERYTHING!!!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Nora Clemens-Gallo

  8. Gorgeous....I love it. You are so right about working big. I love the colours and texture as well as the expression on her face. Those eyes are so telling!! A bit of longing and vulnerability! Beautiful job!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Love her!!!! I've done a lot of ACEO size and a few large with lots in between. Working on large is a challenge all it's own :) Love all of the layers and colors and I'm sure it will be beautiful where ever you place her ♥

  10. Beautiful! She's a gorgeous mixed media beauty!


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