Thursday, 4 August 2016

Building upwards

One thing builds on another. It sounds simple. Obvious, even. But there are times when we forget and want to start at the top. How often have you looked at the journal pages of people who have been journalling for years, while still a beginner yourself, and wanted to make pages like that? Admit it. We've all been there. And there's nothing wrong with a desire to improve, to grow.

But you have to put time into your foundations.

Everything else rests on your foundations, and if they are too thin, too narrow, too flimsy, then whatever you build on them will eventually fall down.

And we can't build from the top, diving straight in with the complicated stuff. No. You have to put in your hours playing, learning, building up your skills, seeing what works, and working out your own style. None of this time is wasted. It all makes for solid foundations.


  1. A timely post, Tracy, as I struggle with my fondness and present inability to create in the abstract. Back to the foundation!

  2. So true. Great post and great art journal page, Tracy!


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