Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I often produce pages I'm not that fond of. It may be something to do with the colours, or the composition, or the fact that I made a great big ooops and it didn't turn out better (in my opinion!)

This is one of those pages.

However, the elements on it made me think of growth - it's on my mind a lot lately. The leaf and the flower spoke to me of order. There is a progression or order of things. You don't get the flower before the seed has put up a stem and then a leaf or two.

I often find that I will unconsciously do several pages that seem to have the same theme. The post from Friday says the same thing in a different way. Perhaps there's something I need to learn...

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  1. I'm loving the geometry of this spread, coupled with the speaks entirely of needing and using 'proper' order.


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