Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Don't look back

I was experimenting with eyes that weren't looking straight on. This one left the girl looking back, as if trying not to turn her head, but still wanting to know what was going on behind her.

How often do we live like that?

When my daughter was learning to ride a bike, we had a period where I would be holding on to the back of the bike and she would be pedalling but looking back at me. Of course, she couldn't steer straight with her head bent round to look behind her all the time, so ended up going in circles. We both went back inside feeling a bit cranky.

If we go through life constantly looking back, we miss what's going on ahead of us. We can't walk a straight line or plough a straight furrow. Yes, we need to learn from the past and acknowledge how our own personal history affects who we are and how we behave, but we don't need to live there anymore.

So, be aware of what's behind, but make your focus on what's ahead.

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