Sunday, 8 January 2017

Growth and what it leads to

This page went through a few changes. Partway through I covered the whole lot with gesso, muting all the colours and blending things better than I was managing to before that.

You might notice that some of the branches on the left are darker than the others. They are left over from before the gesso. I used them as a springboard for the new incarnation of the page, letting more branches grow until there was a tree. New growth sprang through on the tree.

I stood back and noticed a door. What was that all about? In the foreground was a tree sprouting into growth, but behind it a door letting in light. Was there a link between the two?


I contemplated.

Then I journalled: Look beyond the growth - what door is it opening?

Whenever we grow in some area, new doors are open to us. If we gain a new skill or qualification, new work or areas of service open up. When we grow, we are able to do different things or do things differently. Life is dynamic, not static. With growth, there are new doors, new pathways, new possibilities on the journey.

So when you experience an obvious period of growth, ask yourself what new door is opening.


  1. Growth surely does open doors - well said Tracy. I enjoyed following your intuitive process here. A beautiful outcome :D)

  2. Another beautiful piece of art! This is so true and very spiritual!! I feel like your journal pages would make really good inspirational cards!! I have always found what I needed when I've been working towards something! Well said!

    Hugs Giggles


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