Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Two lessons from lightning

Two lessons from lightning today. I had a piece of paper from an old calendar that I wanted to use for collage. It was too large for one page, so I tore it in half and made two pages. 

The first one is about inspiration. There are so many people who seem to wait around for inspiration to strike. But really, hard work and inspiration go together. If you want to be struck by lightning, you need to be out in the storm. 

The second one is about energy. Lightning is not really directed. It is a burst of unrestrained energy that goes off in all directions. In life we need to direct our energy because it is a limited resource. Sometimes we go down dead-end paths but we can learn from that so that the energy we used isn't wasted, and then we can be more directed. 


  1. What a great pair of pages and quotes...so inspiring, Tracy, that I'm going back to my journals!

  2. Gorgeous pages and sentiments!! Sage words for sure!! Again you've given me lots to think about! You are right about working until the inspiration comes! Inspiration is very much like lightening you just never know when or where it will strike!! Another fabulous post!

    Hugs Giggles


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