Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Map faces

A friend gave me an old school atlas and I decided to use it for practicing faces. The one above doesn't have a map behind it as it is in the inside cover. I've been posting them on Instagram, and decided to share them here as well.

Some of the faces are 5 minute sketches. All are done directly in paint or ink, not pencil. Some are done with pens and some with brushes. I like the way they each have a different look depending on the materials used. Some I really like and others are a bit 'meh'. But that's how it goes. Each face I draw helps me to become better, even if I don't like the result.


  1. Hi there Tracy, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your map faces. I especially love how you do their eyes, quite stunning. Cheers, Sue :D)

  2. These are wonderful, Tracy! They all have a lot of character! Love the map for the background!

  3. What a wonderful idea, Tracy; I love how the faces look over top of the maps. It's like a secret code to what's going on in the brain!


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