Friday, 29 September 2017

From eye to heart

There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect. G. K. Chesterton.

Parents know this when they first set eyes on their newborn. Anyone who has stood in front of a moving piece of art knows this.

It works with your ears as well.

There is some music that just moves us. It goes into your ears and grabs straight for your heart. There's no explaining it, it just is. And there are times when someone says something that is just what we need to hear. Tears spring to our eyes because it went straight to the heart.

Of course, that can work in a negative way as well. I know I'm not the only one who has had someone say something that has hurt. The emotional reaction is immediate. It is only with a little time that I can step back from what has been said and ask myself whether it is warranted or not; whether there are circumstances in that person's life that might have caused them to say what they did. I have to deliberately apply my intellect because the first reaction is a visceral one in my heart (and sometimes my stomach).

Have you had a time where something went straight from your eye to your heart?


  1. Hello Tracy, you've written such an insightful post. Your artistic interpretation of that connection is beautiful. Cheers, Sue xx

  2. You've got the perfect image here to go with a quote that is deeply true in every way. Thanks for sharing this page, packs a great punch!


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