Sunday, 11 February 2018

Signs of spring

Only two weeks to go and it feels like there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Items are gradually being ticked off the list and the end is in sight.

After pages and pages that all feel like they're all the same because my mind has been a bit distracted, I feel like I'm starting to get my groove back. That's one of the great things about art journalling: it helps you to work things through, even when it takes a while. If you keep going you can be sure you'll get through it eventually.

This page reminds me of spring - the season we're going into in the UK. It's a time for new growth after a time of winter waiting/resting. I'm looking forward to seeing daffodils coming through, to planting a vegetable garden, to growing and blossoming in a new place.


  1. A lovely page full of hope! We're in the final throes of winter here, for sure - very cold though sunny - and hopefully by the time you arrive Spring will be more evident. We've already got some snow drops, but no sign of daffs yet!

  2. Oh I love this page. It brightened my day to just look at it. It says Spring alright, so happy for you seeing that light, xoxo

  3. What a lovely piece, Tracy, and your move to the UK can only bring on spring even quicker!


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