Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Swirling thoughts

As our move gets closer, I find my thoughts swirling around. Items on lists are being crossed off, but have I missed something? Are there other places I need to give our new address to? Have I got hold of all the threads to tie off neatly?

I find my art journal pages consumed with all these thoughts. Sometimes I get bored that all my pages are about the same thing :) But then, an art journal is a place to pour out what's on your mind; a safe place.

I'm looking forward to completing this transition. This liminal space is becoming too familiar.


  1. I am so with you on this, Tracy...the list is endless, and the time grows shorter. I trust it will go well for both of us, and we'll be able to move on to something new and exciting! LOVE your page...the colour and layers are wonderful.

  2. These colors and that face speak to me. You'll grow from this so hang on, nothing lasts forever. Just hang on and art journal it, xoxo


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